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GENERATION 2019 Presentations

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Generation /jenəˈrāSH(ə)n/
1. a single step in natural descent, as of human beings, animals or plants.
2. the process of coming or bringing into being.
3. the production of something.
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Opening Remarks & Keynote Speaker- Dr. Leela Viswanathan KEY-1 Leela Viswanathan
Keynote Speaker - Zachary Mannheimer KEY-2 Zachary Mannheimer
Keynote Speaker - Paul Kennedy KEY-3 Paul Kennedy
From Parking to People: The evolution of the design vehicle in planning SS-01 Chris Andrew, Alix Krahn, Lisa Moffatt, Brian Murray
Blanche Lemco van Ginkel (1923-) Planner + Architect Extraordinaire SS-02 John van Nostrand
What happens when schools close? What do planners do? SS-03 Mark seasons, Patricia Collins, Bill Irwin, Gabrielle Snow, Wayne Caldwell
A focus on Greater Community Accessibility and Social Interaction SS-06 Nadia De Santi, Michael Hanifi, Brent Kittmer
Urban Design Index: A method for measuring "structural" urban design qualities at the Block and District scale SS-08 Don Luymes
Young planning leaders and the future of the profession in Canada & the US SS-09 George Benson, Ellen Forthofer, Nicholas Kuhl, Rachael Thompson Panik
Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise SS-10 Nikki Lulham
Authenthic Engagement: Moving Participation from Informing Outcomes to Implementing Solutions SS-12 Nadia De Santi, Robert Rappolt
NIMBYim & Social Inclusion : Understanding the linkages SS-13  
Bottom-Up Planning in First nations Communities SS-14 Anthony Laforge, Jeremy Shute, Mitchell Avis
Growing Canada : A National Growth Plan SS-15 John van Nostrand
The CoLAB Challenge - Safe Passages: An Integrated Design Approach SS-17 Nina-Marie Lister
Community Planning in Nunavut Reconciling Inuit and Western Approaches SS-21 William Patch, Alecia Boddie
New First Nations Schools Initiatives SS-22 Don Hester
Behind the Postcards and Politics: The Legacy of Planning Around Parliament Hill SS-23  
The Unconventional Planner - Transferable Skills for any Workplace SS-24 Pat Bell, Brent Glimour, Devin Causley, Kim Warburton, Ken Forrest
Metropolitan Canada in 2119 SS-28 Russell Mathew
Cuilding Consensus Through Rapid Prototyping : Lessons from Maker Engagement SS-29 Jalia Bahen, Adrienne Pacini
City of Niagara Falls - Boarding House Interim Control Study SS-30  
Land Use Bylaws 2.0 SS-31 Khalid Mohammed, Sarah Peck
City Planning, Design, and Programming for Indigenous Urbanism and Ethnocultural Diversity in Canada SS-32  
FuturiCITY - Generation z and the future of our communities SS-33 Jill Robertson
Infrastructure-Led Development in the UK - Strategic rail and new communities SS-34 Victoria Hills
 Supporting EV Charging at Home and on the Go - Best Practices from BC SS-35 Tim Shah
Agriculture Planning - Perspectives and Priorities SS-36 John Steil, Wayne Caldwell
Do You See What I See : Great development or incompatible land use? SS-38 Susanne Glenn-Rigny, Bill Kiru, Maurizio Rogato
London to Ottawa Environmental Health Milestones for Starting a Dialogue : Urban planners and environmental health scientists SS-39  
How CMHC Revived Canadian Community Planning 1944-1967 SS-42 David L.A. Gordon
Building Bridges: How Community Collaboration & Spirit Influenced the Osborne Bridge Rehabilitation SS-44 Lana Philips=
City of Calgary Development Next to Freight Rail Corridors Policy Risk management land use planning SS-46 Abdul Jaffari, Cliff De Jong
Plan your Brisbane Innovation in community engagement through gamification  SS-47 Dy Currie
Building for Urban Liveability : Shaping build form through a people-first lens SS-48 Shawna Bowen, Clara Romero, Eunice Wong
Planning for Low Carbon Energy in Ottawa Gatineau SS-49 Don Grant
Farmland Protection and the Federal Government- A national Interest or over-stepping jurisdiction SS-50 David J. Connell
National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education (NCCIE) Building a collaborative network and reconciliation in Indigenous education across Canada SS-51  
Annexation Setting the Table Instead of Flipping It SS-52 Grant Bain, Lindsey Butterfield
Regeneration of Church Congregations and Properties SS-53 Barbara Myers
Designing the City of Tomorrow : The Exploration Project Fabriquer la ville de demain par le projet exploratoire SS-54  
CCCS- The Canadian Climate Data Portal providing climate data needed for resilience planning SS-55  
New frontiers of Gentrifications Research and their Implications for planning SS-57 Brian Doucet, Margaret Ellis-Young, Emma McDougall, Guiseppe Tolfo
Transformation of First Nation Community Development in Saskatchewan SS-59  
The Community Solutions Network - A program of Future Cities Canada SS-62  
Story Session 1 STORY-01 Hailey Rilkoff
Story Session 4 STORY-04 Natalie Armstrong, Kelsey Jones
From Ageing Shopping Centre to Vibrant Mixed-Use Community WOR-02  
Reconciliation Be the Change You wish to see WOR-03 Karen Bolton
Virtual Reality – The Next Generation of Digital Technology for City Building WOR-04  
Whose Land Is It Anyway? WOR-05 Marjan Navab-Tehrani, Brittany Morris
What is the Secret Formula for Making a Low-Carbon Community ? WOR-07 Bill Wong, Raymond Boulter, Jessica Webster