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Plan Canada - Autumn 2021


Pecha Kucha: Snapshots Across Canada (Autumn 2021)

Ready for a change of pace? Then you are ready for this unique issue of Plan Canada which goes Pecha Kucha-style to capture a collage of short stories from every corner of the country.
Most planners are familiar with the Pecha Kucha (“PK”) format of storytelling in which presenters “talk less and show more.” As we have become accustomed to fewer face-to-face meetings, who remembers the last time any of us attended a live conference presentation? How can we get a sense of what all of our colleagues are doing these days? The time is now for Canada’s leading planning quarterly to feature its own adaptation of the PK concept. We want you to give us short, inspiring snapshots of the array of work that planners across the country are currently engaged in.
The guidelines are simple:
  1. Creativity of format is encouraged. Submissions might be written, graphic, written with graphics, question and answer-style, photo essay.
  2. Short is sweet. Instead of the usual 1400-word length of articles, think in terms of one-third to one-half of that – one or two pages in the magazine. The goal is to showcase as many submissions as possible.
  3. Focus less on completed work with findings and specific recommendations. Think more in terms of work-in-progress, show-and-tell, and sharing with others. For example, a submission might simply answer questions like: what is the project, why is it being undertaken, and what do you hope to achieve? For this special issue, answers are less important than questions!
  4. Updates from unique places, by unique people, are highly encouraged. Let’s hear from everyone.
This issue seeks to showcase a higher than usual number of perspectives. With shorter, focused submissions, the goal is to achieve a “show and tell” of what Canadian planners are working on during these unusual times. Contributing to an issue of Plan Canada has never been easier or more fun!

Deadline for submission is June 26.

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We invite submissions of short papers and research reviews, notes on practice, and book or film reviews. Articles submitted must be original and not published or submitted for publication in other media (including websites, electronic newsletters, or other print publications). We favour articles with a strong policy framework and context, containing clear methodologies pertaining to studies and research, and providing critical reflection or lessons for planning practice. Authors can expect a three month time frame for initial review of submitted material and will be notified if their submission is rejected, accepted as is, or accepted conditionally with revisions. All submitted articles will be returned to authors along with comments and advice regarding any revisions required to render it suitable for publication.

See the Author Guidelines for further submission information.