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Canadian Planning and Policy is an on-line peer-reviewed, open-access research journal. It is a scholarly publication project undertaken by the Association of Canadian University Planning Programs and the Canadian Institute of Planners.
Canadian Planning and Policy publishes manuscripts reflecting the scope and diversity of planning theory and practice in Canada.
This on-line, open-access publication has a goal to provide a forum for detailed peer-reviewed research on planning in Canada that invites reflection by practitioners, academics, and students.

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Volume 13, No. 1, 2004

Canadian Planning and Policy Vol 13

  1. Inner Front Cover
  2. Piecing Together Planning Priorities, Editor, Ian Skelton, PhD, MCIP
  3. Obituary, Harold Spence-Sales: Poet of Space and Place (PDF), Jeanne M. Wolfe FCIP

    Diversity and Difference in Planning
  4. Diversity and Planning Education: A Canadian Perspective (PDF), Kanishka Goonewardena, Katharine N. Rankin and Sarah Weinstock
  5. The Uncertain City: Making Space(s) for Difference (PDF), Barbara Rahder FCIP RPP and Richard Milgrom
  6. Comment (PDF), Beth Moore Milroy FCIP RPP

  7. Do Not Disturb: "Vulnerable Populations" in Federal Government Policy Discourses and Practices (PDF), Karen B. Murray
  8. The Planning and Policy Implications of Gated Communities (PDF), Jill Grant, Katherine Greene and D. Kirstin Maxwell

    Research Note
  9. Identifying the Secure City: Research to Establish a Preliminary Framework (PDF), Evan D.G. Fraser and Warren Mabee

    Book Reviews
  10. Hopkins, Lewis D. Urban Development: The Logic of Making Plans (PDF), Sandeep Kumar
  11. Southworth, Michael and Eran Ben-Joseph. Streets and the Shaping of Towns and Citie (PDF), Beth Moore Milroy
  12. Thabit, Walter. How East New York Became a Ghetto (PDF), Jim Silver
  13. Vale, Lawrence J. Reclaiming Public Housing: A Half Century of Struggle in Three Public Neighborhoods (PDF), Alan Smart
  14. Inner Back Cover

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