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The government's sustainable development strategy aims at integrating environmental, social and economic issues within the context of intragenerational and intergenerational equality, the goal being to transform Quebec into a society:
  • where citizens' quality of life is and remains a given;
  • fueled by innovation, determined to act responsibly and able to achieve excellence in all its endeavours;
  • focused on a harmonious balance between economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equality;
  • inspired by a State that shows leadership in engaging and its efforts to fulfill its vision.
Such a strategy becomes the framework through which the government sets its goals and determines how it intends to meet them. Policies, programs and ministerial initiatives must therefore be developed and implemented within such a framework, thus lending greater coherence to government action in a perspective of sustainable development.

Since the introduction of the strategy, over 150 governmental departments, organizations and public corporations have developed and implemented various action plans aimed at meeting the various objectives set forth by said strategy. Among other things, these action plans are based on sectional approaches to sustainable development which had already been undertaken. Planned reporting and follow up mechanisms will help determine if and how objectives are met.