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FutureFORWARD Task Force

The 2016 recipient of the Canadian Institute of Planners’ (CIP) President’s Award is the FutureFORWARD Task Force. The Task Force is a group of 11 CIP members and three support volunteers, led by co-chairs Jennifer Keesmaat and Kelley Moore.
At the June 2015 CIP AGM in Saskatoon, it was announced that after four years of discussion and debate, CIP had failed to agree on a new governance model, as required by the 2011 Canadian-Not-for-Profit Act. The difficult decision to wind down the organization in the face of future uncertainty and a complete lack of national consensus on a governance structure and implementing Bylaws had been made by the Institute’s Council (now Board of Directors).
Members responded with the creation of The FutureFORWARD Task Force, whose mandate was to identify alternatives for a governance and supporting financial model to sustain CIP as the national organization promoting and advancing the values of planning in Canada.
The Task Force quickly stepped up to look at options and provide recommendations for a way forward at this most critical time for the Canadian Institute of Planners.
In four months, the Task Force spent hundreds of collective hours poring over documents and engaging with stakeholders from across the country to fully understand the issues leading to CIP’s instability and decision to wind-down. CIP members and stakeholders responded very positively to the Task Force’s efforts by providing the necessary critical feedback in the many consultation meetings that were held. Members of CIP demonstrated that they are not only a creative group, but that they really care about CIP.
The Task Force Report contained a series of 38 recommendations to the Board for CIP action in the short, medium and longer terms. It provided the valuable base necessary for building CIP’s new and sustainable structure. The new Bylaws were adopted by the CIP Board on April 4, and ratified by 96.9% of the voting members at a Special Meeting held May 17, 2016.
The FutureFORWARD Task Force is an outstanding example of what a tightly focused and creative group of planners can accomplish through targeted research and extensive stakeholder and member engagement. Their efforts culminated in a series of comprehensive and thoughtful recommendations for the consideration of the Board.
The Task Force Report chronicled an important period in the history of this 98 year old organization and provided the necessary encouragement and inspiration for members to become re-engaged in their professional association, “the national voice of planning in Canada”.
The FutureFORWARD Task Force Members and Support Volunteers

Jennifer Keesmaat, RPP, MCIP, FutureFORWARD Task Force Co-Chair
Kelley Moore MA, RPP, MCIP, FutureFORWARD Task Force Co-Chair
Larry Beasley CM, RPP, FCIP
Karen Cooper RPP, MCIP
Sylvain Ducas MICU, MOUQ
Harry Harker RPP, FCIP
Sarah Marchionda
Elaine Mitchell MCIP
Adam Pantelimon RPP, MCIP, MOUQ
Andrew Sacret RPP, MCIP
Dave Witty, PhD, MRAIC, FCIP, RPP
Brad Bradford
Michel Frojmovic MCIP, RPP, PMP
Lenore Swystun RPP, MCIP