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Elevation 2020 Presentations


Elevation 2020: Webinar Series
November 17-20, 2020


·       Over 25 Presenters
·       11 Live Sessions
·       5 Bonus Sessions
·       1 Workshop
·       1 Meet & Mentor Session


·       Hayden King


Tuesday, November 10

  • WOR-02: Building Places for Everyone: Our infill planning toolbox to support missing middle housing (Carley Holt, Carolyn Nicholas, Jason Syvixay, Anne Huizinga, Claire Laing, Arthur Poon, Sean Bohle)

Tuesday, November 17

Pre-Recorded Sessions
  • SB-01: Centering Culture in Community Planning: The case of Vancouver’s Chinatown (Aaron Lao, Helen Ma)
  • SB-02: Knowledge is Power: Using data and mapping to reduce carbon and energy costs in housing (Chris Ray, Jessica Webster, Allison Ashcroft)
Plenary Speakers
  • KS-01: Keynote with Chief Dana Tizya-Tramm (Dana Tizya-Tramm, Lesley Cabott, Dan Huang)
Live Webinars
  • SS-01: Ethics and Professional Planning Practice in Canada: A view from the fishbowl (Dana Anderson, Lindsay Chase)

Wednesday, November 18 

Pre-Recorded Sessions
  • SB-04: Measuring Health in Small to Mid-Size Downtowns (Michael von Hausen, David Witty)
Live Webinars
  • SS-02: Advancing Reconciliation Through Major Community Developments in Vancouver –Walking Together (Katelyn Crabtree, Susan Haid, Rena Soutar)
  • SS-03: Small is Beautiful: Building affordable housing in small and rural Canadian communities (Mark Christian, Katy Fabris, Sandy Mackay, Kaela Schramm)
  • SS-04: A Collaborative Approach to Developing and Using Regional Climate Data in the GTA (Laura Del Giudice, Kristy Kilbourne, Glenn Milner, Randolph Wang)

Thursday, November 19

Pre-Recorded Sessions
  • SB-05: LGBTQ2S+ Housing for Older Canadians: Challenges and models (Ren Thomas, Holly Blackmore)
  • SB-06: Transit in Smaller Communities: Myths, reality, and nifty right-sized solutions (Filippos Gkekas, Tania Wegwitz)
Live Webinars
  • SS-05: No More 'Business As Usual'—A Systems Approach to Inclusive Economic Development in Vancouver (Alisha Masongsong, Jose Fernandez Garcia, Tanya Fink, Meg O’Shea)
  • SS-06: Moving From Policy to Innovation for Low Carbon, Healthy, Smart Cities (Lisa Prime, Graham Seaman, Mark Gifford)

Friday, November 20 

Live Webinars
  • SS-08: SS-08: Move Beyond Good Intentions: New tools to add equity into local government decision making (Victoria Barr, Sarah Ravlic)
  • SS-09: Tools to Build Community Acceptance of Non-Market Housing (Liza Jimenez, Patricia Maloney, Malcolm McNaughton, Rebecca Siggner, Peer-Daniel Krause)
Fast or Funny
  • FF-01: Using Google Earth and Census Data to Explore Your City's Spatial Structure (David Gordon, Makhena R-G, Dana Anderson, Bob Lehman)
  • FF-02: The Sky is Falling: Planning strategies for communities facing trauma after disaster strikes (Lindsay Huddlestan)
  • FF-03: Bus-ted: One planner’s obsession to beautify bus maps
  • FF-04: Collaborative Conservations on Inclusionary Housing (Hollie McKeil)