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Recruiting new talent is an investment of time and money – so be sure you invest wisely. CIP’s job and RFP advertising service reaches elite planning professionals across the country. CIP’s breadth of membership means that your posting will be viewed by planners with a wide variety of skills.  


A job or RFP posting on the CIP website is the right investment for a number of reasons:

  • Reach your target audience: Our job and RFP advertisements are viewed by students and certified planners across the country. CIP’s diverse membership means that you are more likely to find the best candidate for your position, regardless of the level.
  • High visibility: CIP job and RFP postings are view by over 2,000 unique visitors per month and the advertisements are promoted through CIP’s social media channels. Your posting will not get lost in a sea of opportunities.
  • Easy to post: Posting a job or RFP on the CIP website is so easy, simply follow the instructions below. If you have any additional questions, please email We guarantee your ad will be posted within two business days. Postings will remain on our website for three months from the date of posting unless a shorter deadline date is specified.

Cost to post a job listing

  • For experienced jobs (two or more years of experience required): $775 (any additional ads placed at the same time are discounted to $375 each.)
  • For entry level jobs (less than two years of experience): $150 (for a brief notice of up to 200 words)

Cost to post an RFP listing

  • The cost to post an RFP on our website is $775. Any additional ads placed at the same time are discounted to $375 each.

How to format your posting

  • A posting can contain up to 500 words of text and a link to your website (200 word limit for entry level postings). The content must come from a plain text document (i.e. Notepad) which you can paste directly from your editor.
  • Please limit formatting. Do not add any logos or graphics. Headers will be bolded.
  • All posting MUST include a way to contact the employer with questions and resumes - whether this is through email or linking a webpage. 
  • If you want your ad to appear in English and French, you need to provide the text in both languages (there is no additional charge for the second language posting).

Ad content will be reviewed by CIP prior to distribution. CIP reserves the right to refuse content that is inappropriate or offensive.

Please note: The Canadian Institute of Planners will not accept ads referring to "eligibility" in CIP. When referring to CIP membership requirements, please use either of the following phrases: "CIP membership is required" or "CIP membership is preferred."

Post a job or RFP

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