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Cindy Welsh RPP, MCIP

Cindy Welsh RPP, MCIP




What are your hopes for the future of the planning profession?
My hope is for awareness and interest in the planning profession for high school students from smaller, rural, and remote Canadian cities and towns. A colleague once commented that she did not know there was a planning degree that one could study in university. If she had known in high school, that would have been her area of post-secondary study. It made me think that as planners, we need to be more "grassroots" about not just the value, but of the existence of our profession, particularly in smaller, rural, and remote Canadian communities at a secondary school career guidance level.
What are a few of your favourite places?
  • Sparks Street, Ottawa – the first pedestrian street I walked down.
  • Lora Bay the Town of The Blue Mountains – the first time I drove through a roundabout.
  • Reykjavik – the first city I saw a green bike lane painted on a road.
  • Kirkland Lake – my hometown located in Northeastern Ontario.
Which person has most inspired your work in planning?
My parents were supportive of me entering planning, first as a student, and then as a professional. They inspired me every day—and still do—even though they have both passed. They would be thrilled knowing how my career has unfolded, including my work on the CIP Board.
Anything else we should know about you?
I am an avid traveller. I have travelled to all seven continents. When people ask me what my favourite place visited is, I always reply ‘the next one.'" When not travelling, kayaking, and canoeing are summer favourites. In winter, playing, and watching curling are priorities.