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Doug Daniels RPP, MCIP

Doug Daniels RPP, MCIP




Expression of Interest 
Over the last 3 years, I have had the honour of serving as a CIP Director for the Canadian Institute of Planning.  I am seeking re-election to the board in order to continue to provide leadership to the CIP board to raise the profile of planning both nationally and globally. Through my work as part of the CIP Board (including on the Finance Committee and Treasurer), Great Places in Canada ‐ National Jury committee, the PSB Accreditation Program Committee, and previously as part of the Saskatchewan PTIA, I recognize the importance of a strong planning profession. I want to work with members and PTIAs to continue finding ways to create value for members of the planning profession and for society as a whole.
I have enjoyed my time on the CIP board, as well as, Treasurer over the last year and on the Finance Committee over the last three years and would like to continue to support the important work of the CIP Board of Directors as Treasurer.  It has been a pleasure to work with the Board on financial aspects of the organization.  
Through my education and experience, I have become well-versed in a wide variety of operational and fiscal responsibilities to ensure fiscal and organizational performance and I believe this supports my interest continuing on the CIP board and as Treasurer.
Brief Biography 
My background consists of a Bachelor’s degree in Regional and Urban Development (Planning) with a minor in Economics from the University of Saskatchewan coupled with professional designations from the Canadian Institute of Planners and the Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute. My work with the Government of Saskatchewan has given me a broad understanding of development at the local, regional, and provincial level. In addition, my Master of Business Administration (MBA) has provided a broad understanding of business to complement my existing leadership skills, required for the CIP board.
In my current role, I lead the development of policies related to roadway infrastructure, jurisdictional responsibilities, and infrastructure investment strategies, including developing and managing the Ministry’s capital plan and developing business cases outlining options for projects. In addition, I oversee the Ministry’s municipal funding grant programs, as well as, funding agreements with the Government of Canada. 
Through my work, I have been able to support the development of a sustainable provincial transportation network for Saskatchewan that integrates municipal, provincial, and national highway systems. My past and current experience leading and supporting stakeholder engagement reflects the perspective I can bring to the CIP board.