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Plan Canada is the premier planning magazine in Canada, and the official magazine of the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP).  Plan Canada offers the best in:

  • Innovative projects and best practices in Canadian planning
  • Original, contemporary research by practitioners and academics

Call for articles

We invite you to submit the following materials for publication: short papers and research reviews, notes on practice as well as book or film reviews. Articles submitted to Plan Canada must be original and not have been published, or submitted for publication in other media, including websites, electronic newsletters or other print publications. Plan Canada favours articles that have a strong policy framework and context; contain clear methodologies pertaining to studies and research; that provide critical reflection and offer lessons for planning practice.

Submission deadlines

Please submit articles electronically to Michelle Garneau. Submission deadlines are:

  • June 20th, 2014 for the Fall Issue,
  • September 19th, 2014 for the Winter Issue
  • December 12th, 2014 for the Spring 2015 Issue.

Review of submissions

Authors can expect a minimum 3-month time frame to complete the initial review of submitted material.  Authors will be notified by the Board as to whether or not the article is rejected, accepted as-is, or whether it can be accepted pending revisions by the author.  

Submitted articles will be returned to authors along with comments and advice regarding any required revisions to render it suitable for publication.

Refereed Peer Review

Plan Canada accepts a limited number of articles for formal refereed Peer Review each year.  Any articles submitted for refereed peer review should not contain information identifying the author on any pages of the document except in the covering note. The Editorial Board Chair (or delegate) will appoint appropriate referees (typically, two academic and one practitioner) to undertake the review process.  The peer review process typically takes longer than 3 months. Documents will be returned to authors along with comments and any advice offered regarding the submitted article. Decisions of the Editorial Board regarding publication will also be included. Plan Canada will identify refereed articles in the article lead or page header.

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If you have any inquiries about the guidelines or the submission process, please contact:
Michelle Garneau, Managing Editor
McCormick & Associates
9, 5th Avenue
Chateauguay QC J6K 3L5
Tel: (450) 691-9515 / Fax: (450) 699-8869
E-mail: 1-800-207-2138
613-237-PLAN (7526)