Benefits of Student Membership

Becoming a student member of CIP provides you with valuable resources and opportunities as you go through school. These benefits include:

News and Publications

Plan Canada

All student members have online access to Plan Canada, Canada's only national planning magazine.


An e-newsletter published six times during the school year providing students with a venue to share research and planning program information, voice planning concerns or interests, and get the latest information on CIP student services. If you wish to receive notification when a new issue has been posted, send an e-mail to with the word SUBSCRIBE P2P in the subject line. In the body of the e-mail, please indicate your e-mail address and your province or state of residence. Your e-mail address will be strictly protected and will not be transferred or sold to any third parties.


Student members receive regular mailings on CIP and Affiliate activities, keeping you up to date on what’s new in the planning community.

Financial Awards and Recognition

Planning Student Trust Fund

As a student member you are eligible to apply for the following scholarships awarded annually by the Planning Student Trust Fund:

  • The Dillon Scholarship of $5000 for overall best submission from a graduate student; and
  • The CIP President's Scholarship of $4000 for the most outstanding research submission; and
  • Three Past President Scholarships of $2000 each for the next top three research submissions, in honour of Thomas Adams, Horace Seymour, and Humphrey Carver.
  • CIP College of Fellows Travel Scholarship of $4000

Student Awards for Academic Excellence

The Canadian Institute of Planners Student Awards for Academic Excellence recognize a student in each of the CIP recognized planning programs (undergraduate and graduate) across Canada who has achieved academic excellence. The Award will consist of a certificate bearing the CIP seal, and a book prize.

Eligibility for the award is limited to full-time student members of CIP, enrolled in planning programs recognized by CIP. Where more than one program is recognized at one university, one award should be given for each program. The award shall be granted to the student member who achieves the highest academic standing over the length of the program. The head of each planning school shall select the individual from each program which is recognized by CIP who meets the criteria for the student award.

Internship opportunities

Student Internship Page

As a student member, you are welcome to post your resume on our online summer internship directory that is accessible to all members looking to hire students in their planning offices.

Networking opportunities

  • having a voice in CIP by participating in CIP student elections;
  • opportunity to participate in CIP's conferences and events at reduced rates, including the 3-day annual National Conference;
  • online access to a membership directory, providing a Canada-wide network of professional planners;

To become a student member of CIP, contact your CIP Affiliate. 1-800-207-2138
613-237-PLAN (7526)