CIP National Affairs initiatives

As is the case with its International Outreach initiatives, CIP has found there is a need for domestic capacity-building initiatives and programs as well.

Since 2003, the Institute has been working with First Nations organizations and agencies across Canada to:

  • enhance land use planning capacity within First Nations communities
  •  facilitate First Nations access to professional services of CIP members
  • train First Nations staff and leaders involved with land, environment, and resource management, and
  • train CIP members to better equip them to work with First Nations.

In July 2007, the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) launched a Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Program funded by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), in cooperation with NRCan’s Earth Sciences Sector, “Enhancing Resilience in a Changing Climate” Program.

The project is made up of the following five components:

  • development of a CIP policy on climate change
  • development of Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) modules on climate change
  • research fellowships and studio project awards:
  • Community Capacity for Adaptation:
  • organization of a Northern symposium on climate change (July 2008).

Building on these foundations, CIP’s National Affairs Standing Committee is exploring other areas to consider new developmental outreach programs that are supported by CIP’s strategic principles.

Areas of specific interest and strategic importance to CIP  include: 

  • Environment
  • Infrastructure
  • Social Housing
  • Urban Design
  • Indigenous Peoples (Capacity Building)

These programs benefit the public by bringing CIP’s intellectual and other resources to bear on topical issues of importance to society.  In doing so, the institute and its members benefit from an enhanced profile, and greater efficiency through information sharing.

For more information, contact Anissia Nasr at 1-800-207-2138
613-237-PLAN (7526)