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Join the Canadian Institute of Planners and become part of the Voice of Canadian Professional Planning!

CIP strongly encourages all members to join their Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations (PTIA). For some categories of CIP membership, PTIA membership is a pre-requisite. If you have an interest in Canadian professional planning, but are not in the Planning field, you can enroll in CIP's subscriber program as a Public Subscriber or Professional Ally. 

Please check our membership chart for more information.

Planners outside of Ontario or Quebec

Canadian professional planners who practice outside of Ontario or Quebec are automatically members of CIP through their membership with their PTIA. Applying for membership with your local PTIA will automatically ensure membership with CIP.

Planners from Ontario, Quebec, or outside of Canada

Professional planners from Ontario, Quebec, or outside of Canada must apply for membership with CIP directly.

If you're an existing member of CIP, please advise us of any changes to your membership status or category via telephone or email

  • Apply to be a Member if you are a full, candidate, pre-candidate, non-practicing or retired member of Ontario Professional Planners Institute or l’Ordre des urbanistes du Québec.
  • Apply to be an International Member if you are a full, candidate, student, or retired member of American Planning Association (APA) or PIA (Planning Institute of Australia)