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Plan Canada is the premier planning magazine in Canada and the official magazine of the Canadian Institute of Planners. It is published quarterly and features informative and beautifully presented articles on innovative projects and best practices in Canadian planning, as well as original research by practitioners and academics. Each edition explores one theme in the planning world.

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We invite submissions of short papers and research reviews, notes on practice, and book or film reviews. Articles submitted must be original and not published or submitted for publication in other media (including websites, electronic newsletters or other print publications). We favour articles with a strong policy framework and context, containing clear methodologies pertaining to studies and research, and providing critical reflection or lessons for planning practice. Authors can expect a three month time frame for initial review of submitted material and will be notified if their submission is rejected, accepted as is, or accepted conditionally with revisions. All submitted articles will be returned to authors along with comments and advice regarding any revisions required to render it suitable for publication.

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Upcoming Submission Deadlines:

Spring 2020 Rural Planning
Nearly one in five Canadians live in rural and small town communities spread out across the country. As such, rural communities and small towns are integral to the fabric of this country. It is difficult to define Canada without mentioning its rural and agricultural lands and the people that inhabit them. Planning plays a pivotal role in helping to address the challenges faced by these communities. These issues include growth management and demographic transitions as well as economic, social, and environmental resilience. Further, in the face of rising uncertainty from a changing climate, heightened threats to food security, greater demands for food sovereignty, and the continuing loss of farmland, there is a specific need to look at the role of comprehensive agricultural land use planning to better protect agricultural land, recognizing that it is a finite, non-renewable resource.
For this issue, we invite articles that focus on the challenges facing rural and small town communities across the country. We are particularly interested in articles that offer innovative planning solutions for:
  • Land use planning and growth management to protect agricultural land
  • Diversity in the agricultural sector, hobby farming, and food security
  • Building economic, environmental and social resilience in rural and small-town communities
  • Changes happening in rural and small town communities
  • Impacts on natural areas (including relations/conflicts between natural resource development and agricultural land and rural settlement areas)
In brief, how do we support the development of a more effective land use planning policy and more responsive capacity for community development in rural communities?
Please share your innovative planning strategies to help ensure the future is vibrant and sustainable and achieves an enhanced quality of life for Canadians living in rural areas and small towns.

The deadline for submissions is December 16, 2019