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The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) created the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund (CIP-PSTF) in 1989 to contribute to the advancement of community planning by providing an annual scholarship program. After incorporating as a separate entity under the Canada Corporations Act, the fund received charitable status in 1990. Since then, over 100 scholarships have been awarded, totalling roughly $300,000 in financial support to worthy students.
The CIP-PSTF Board of Directors is comprised of planners from across Canada. These Directors promote, manage, and govern the administration of the fund.

Scholarships, Bursaries and Travel Awards
CIP-PSTF currently manages several different scholarships and bursaries that are offered to CIP student members enrolled full-time in accredited Canadian planning programs.
Scholarship recipients are eligible for the Ages Foundation Travel Awards, enabling them to attend CIP’s national conference. Through this program, these students have the opportunity to not only receive their honours in person, but to also connect with other students, professionals, and academics, and to share their experiences back home.
By becoming a CIP-PSTF member, you become part of a dedicated community that supports existing CIP-PSTF programs and enables CIP-PSTF to expand its impact. Membership is free and ongoing until such time as you notify the CIP-PSTF secretariat that you wish to cancel. As a member, you will have a voice and a vote at the CIP-PSTF Annual General Meeting.
To become a member, please send an email to the CIP-PSTF secretariat at
The sustainability of the scholarship program is dependent on individual donations and corporate sponsorships. CIP-PSTF is thankful to the following for their ongoing support:
Canadian Institute of Planners
Each year, CIP donates $2.00 from each membership fee that it collects from its professional members. This funding supports the CIP President’s Scholarship ($6,000.00), the Thomas Adams Scholarship ($3,000.00), and also goes towards CIP-PSTF’s administration expenses.
CIP’s College of Fellows makes an appeal each year to its members to raise funds for the scholarship program. This funding supports the College of Fellows Travel Scholarship ($4,000.00).
Ages Foundation Fund
Subsidies for scholarship recipients’ attendance at CIP’s national conference are made available through the generous support of the Ages Foundation Fund at the Cambridge and North Dumfries Community Foundation.
The late Wayne Daniel Smith
Starting in 2011, the late Wayne Daniel Smith donated $40,000.00 towards the funding of an annual scholarship. This funding has supported the annual Wayne Daniel Smith Scholarship ($4,500.00).
Dillon Consulting Limited
Since 2005, Dillon Consulting Limited has generously funded the Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship ($5,000.00).
Fotenn Planning + Design
Starting in 2019, Fotenn is the proud supporter of the Ted Fobert and Robert Tennant Planning Merit Bursary ($3,000.00).

Bousfields Inc. 
Starting in 2019, Bousfields Inc. is pleased to support the John Bousfield Bursary ($3,000.00).
Donate Today
Donations are tax deductible and donors can designate their contributions to the:

  • General Fund
  • College of Fellows Travel Scholarship
  • David Palubeski Bursary

To make a one-time or monthly donation by credit card, click on the 'Donate Now' button at the top of this page. You will be directed to our online donation portal at CanadaHelps.

To donate by cheque, mail your completed donation form with cheque payable to “CIP-PSTF” to:
CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund
141 Laurier Ave West, Suite 1112
Ottawa ON  K1P 5J3

“Receiving the Wayne Daniel Smith Scholarship has provided encouragement and reassurance that my topic of research is important and worthwhile. As a grad student, it is easy to go through periods of doubt about one's work, but receiving this scholarship from the PSTF has provided both the financial and moral support for me to see my research through to its completion.”

Zoi de la Peña, York University - Recipient of the 2017 Wayne Daniel Smith Scholarship  

“I want to thank the Canadian Institute of Planners and the Planning Student Trust Fund for the President's Scholarship this year. Being a recipient of this award really excites my research and work in the field of climate change policy and inclusive community planning. I deeply appreciate the encouragement and financial assistance from the organization, in hopes that I am able to provide meaningful work for my community in Vancouver and the Metro area. It is important to me that if there are people who want to make a difference in their community, but they come across barriers along the way, we as planners need to find innovative solutions to engage and have their voices heard.”

Kai Okazaki, University of British Columbia - Recipient of the 2017 CIP President’s Scholarship

CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund
141 Laurier Ave West, Suite 1112
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5J3

Charitable registration no. 889709499 RR0001

CIP-PSTF Board of Directors 2018/2019

  • Stephen Jewczyk FCIP (President)
  • Heather Sadler MCIP, RPP (Vice-President)
  • Alex Taylor MCIP, RPP (Treasurer)
  • Amanda Grochowich MCIP, RPP (Secretary)
  • Blaire Chisholm MCIP, RPP
  • Derek Coleman MCIP, RPP
  • Kevin Duguay MCIP, RPP
  • Glenn Tunnock MCIP, RPP


PSTF-Bylaws-2017-06-19.jpgCIP-PSTF's Bylaws were last udpated on June 19, 2017.

Click here to read CIP-PSTF's Bylaw No. 1


Annual Report

 CIP-PSTF-Annual-Report-Web-1.jpgClick here to read
CIP-PSTF's 2017 Annual Report