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CIP Centenary

The year 2019 will mark the one hundredth anniversary of CIP. This will be a year of celebration and activities that will increase public awareness of CIP and appreciation for the work and contributions of Canadian professional planners. To achieve this, CIP has established a Centenary Committee, responsible for the planning, coordinating, and reporting of centenary related activities and events. 


Centenary Committee Projects:

Planning Recognition:  The committee has initiated projects that will raise the public profile of planners during the centenary year. The projects include a call for nominations of one or more Canadian planners to be recognized as a National Historic Person, as well as the coordination of official declarations and statements regarding planners to be issued in House of Commons, in provincial legislatures, and at the municipal level. The committee is also investigating the opportunity to establish a Governor General Award for Planning.

Centenary Toolkit: The committee will develop a toolkit, which will be distributed to potential partners and stakeholders, including planning schools and student associations, the College of Fellows, and the Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations (PTIAs), in order to encourage inclusive and varied activities and events that promote the planning profession across the country.

History of CIP: The committee has started doing specific research on historic developments in planning from across Canada. The historic information will be shared with the public through select activities, including an online, visual timeline of key moments in Canadian planning history, and a commemorative Plan Canada issue. 

Core Themes (Check all that apply):

The Canadian Institute of Planners turns 100 in 2019!
2019 marks the one hundredth anniversary of our very own Canadian Institute of Planners (formerly the Town Planning Institute of Canada). 2019 will be a year of celebration and activities that will increase public awareness of the planning profession, spotlight the work of Canadian planners, and celebrate the past accomplishments and future successes of planning in Canada and the Institute.

Meet the CIP Centenary Committee
CIP has set up a national Centenary Committee, comprised of Registered Professional Planners from across Canada, to highlight the Institute’s achievements from 1919 to 2019. The Committee is now hard at work on nine projects that relate to commemorating historic events and achievements by the Canadian planning profession, boosting national recognition of professional planning, and supporting the Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations and related professional associations in promoting local and regional events to celebrate the Centenary.