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The intent of the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund scholarships is to assist in defraying the costs incurred in the research, preparation and production of a thesis, practicum or major research paper.

Started in 1989, the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund represents a long-time commitment to contribute to the advancement of community planning by providing scholarships to students studying in the field. The Fund is a registered Canadian charitable organization, with its own Board of Directors, and administered by the CIP office.

About the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund 


Scholarship/Bursary Amount Guidelines / Criteria Applications Submission Deadline
CIP President’s Scholarship $6,000.00 Scholarship Overview Closed for 2018 TBD 2019
Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship $5,000.00 Scholarship Overview Closed for 2018 TBD 2019
Wayne Daniel Smith Scholarship $2,500.00 Scholarship Overview Closed for 2018 TBD 2019
College of Fellows Travel Scholarship $4,000.00 Scholarship Overview Closed for 2018 TBD 2019
Thomas Adams Scholarship  $3,000.00 Scholarship Overview Closed for 2018 TBD 2019
David Palubeski Bursary $3,000.00 Bursary Overview Closed for 2018 TBD 2019
Ted Fobert and Robert Tennant Planning Merit Bursary  $3,000.00 Bursary Overview New in 2019 TBD 2019
John Bousfield Bursary $3,000.00 Bursary Overview New in 2019 TBD 2019
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List of Recent Recipients

CIP President’s Scholarship

2018 - Emily Halldorson, University of Manitoba, "Transitional Housing for Criminalized Indigenous Women: Justice and Reconciliation in Planning"
2017 - Kai Okazaki, University of British Columbia, "Addressing Barriers to Inclusive Climate Action: Planning for Immigrants in Metro Vancouver"
2016 - Chloe Boyle, Simon Fraser University, "An Evaluation of the social and ecological benefits of an urban stream restoration project"
2015 - Abdoul-Kader Mahamadou, Université de Laval, "L'influence de l'environnement bâti et du transport sur l'interaction sociale des enfants à Québec"
2014 - Kara Fisher, McGill University, “Cycling Through Winter: Exploring innovative design principles and practices to support all season bicycle commuting for Winnipeg and Winter Cities worldwide”

Dillon Consulting Scholarship

2018 - Waverley Sunday Birch, University of Waterloo, "Effects of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Ecosystem Functionality"
2017 - Zoë Mager, York University, "Planning with Indigenous Peoples: Meaningful Municipal Consultation and Engagement as a Key Part of Reconciliation"
2016 - Tyler Carlson, Simon Fraser University, "Formulating Forest Policies with the ‘Namgis Nation: Lessons from First Nations land use planning across British Columbia"
2015 - Ryan Segal, University of Manitoba, "Playfinding: Child-Friendly Wayfinding as a Tool for Children's Independent Mobility in Downtown Winnipeg"
2014 - Kyle Miller, University of Toronto, “The First Evaluation of Toronto's Church Street Parklets”

Wayne Daniel Smith Scholarship

2018 - Edward Donato, University of Waterloo, "Electric Bicycle Mobility of Older Adults in Canadian Cities"
2017 - Zoi de la Peña, York University, "Planning Equitable Public Parks"
2016 - Jeff Lemon, Simon Fraser University, "Land-based Aquaculture: A Strategic Opportunity for Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Community Development"
2015 - Jake Papineau, Dalhousie University, "Assessing sustainable building technologies from a First Nations perspective"
2014 - Sarah Nielsen, Queen's University, “Get Moving to School: Comparing influences on the potential for active school travel in a large urban centre in Western Canada"

College of Fellows Travel Scholarship

2018 - Ellen McGowan, University of Waterloo, "Designing for Security"
2017 - Kara Martin, Dalhousie University, "Cycling urban design and implementation"
2016 - Scott Bordon, Dalhousie University, "Multi-modalism in Vancouver"
2015 - Heidi Hindrichs, Dalhousie University, "A Study of Water Planning in the Netherlands"
2014 - Riannon McVay, Dalhousie University 

Thomas Adams Scholarship

2018 - Sarah Lumley, Queen's University, "Bridging the Gap Between Disaster/Emergency Management and Urban Planning in Vancouver Island Communities"
2017 - Robert Catherall, University of British Columbia, "Planning for the Innovation Economy in Vancouver: Lessons from Seattle and San Francisco"
2016 - Emily Gray, University of British Columbia, "Finding Safer Places: Building Natural Disaster Resilience through Open Spaces"
2015 - Anthony Dionigi, York University, "Achieving equity in public transit planning: A critical assessment of Markham, Ontario's VivaNext Rapidway"
2014 - Will Gregory, Dalhousie University, “Who Lives Downtown? Tracking demographic change in downtown Halifax, 1951-2011”

David Palubeski Bursary

2018 - Hayley N. Wasylycia, University of Alberta