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Livable Cities Forum Workshop: Tools for building flood resilience in local communities

August 7, 2015

Location: Calgary Westin, 320 4 Ave SW, Calgary, AB
Date: Sunday, September 27th, 2015
Time: 1:00-5:30 pm
Cost: FREE for LCF delegates

The National Adaptation Working Group - which is made up of ICLEI, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Engineers Canada, the Canadian Institute of Planners, and the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction - is holding a workshop in conjunction with the Livable Cities Forum. 

This pre-event workshop brings staff from the Town of Oakville (Ontario) to present the situation in Oakville and to outline how the town has been working towards building flood resiliency. Using it as a case study, participants will be guided through the use of resources available to better mitigate against floods at the local level. 

Click here to view the preliminary workshop agenda.

You can sign up to attend the workshop on the Livable Cities Forum Registration Page. If you have already registered for the Forum, but would like to attend the Workshop, please send an email to

CAP Webinar Series: Planning for our children's, children's, children

August 7, 2015

Date: Thursday, September 3, 2015 from 4 PM to 5 (GMT)
Registration:  Please email Viral Desai at  to register for the event. 

The presentation "Planning for our children’s, children’s, children" will set out the importance of involving young people in how they can shape the future of their places. Pam Ewen will explore the different ways in which TAYplan has engaged with young people and the success this has had. The presentation is intended to share good practice and to stimulate some discussion with young planners across the Commonwealth and other areas of good practice.

Since TAYplan’s inception in 2009, Pam has been in charge of the Strategic Development Planning Authority for the Dundee and Perth City Region in Scotland. Within 3 years TAYplan won the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) overall UK award for Excellence in Planning, the Silver Jubilee Cup. She is a member of the RTPI, member of Heads of Planning Scotland Executive and is a Board member of the Scottish Cities Knowledge Centre. For more information, visit the CAP Young Planners Blog website at:
This Commonwealth Association of Planners Webinar Series event is brought to you by the Caribbean Planners Association with the support of the Caribbean Network for Urban and Land Management "blueSpace" and UN-Habitat. 


New Cities Alive Podcast Theme: Road Wars

July 21, 2015

Cities Alive is releasing their newest Podcast on July 21st. The upcoming “Road Wars” episode explores the major modal shifts that are taking place in our cities and chronicles the tactics and challenges city builders are facing to transform the way people move in our cities. We interview experts familiar with the development of cycling infrastructure in the bicycle mecca of The Netherlands and point to innovative and intelligent ways to rework public streets. Interviewees include Executive Director of Cycle Toronto, Jared Kolb; planner and former member of Vancouver City Council, Gordon Price; Seattle Neighborhood Greenways leader, Cathy Tuttle; Marco te Brömmelstroet of Amsterdam’s Urban Cycling Institute, and Mitra Kalita. We are reminded that in the end, cities ought to serve people and our multidimensional transportation needs and desires.
Cities Alive is a Planning and Design Centre production, located in Halifax Nova Scotia, which brings planning and development issues from around Canada and the world down to earth through storytelling. Podcast hosts are Danielle Davis and Ross Soward. Thank you to this episode’s sponsors the Canadian Institute of Planners and Nova Scotia Moves for their generous support.
Cities Alive podcasts can be found on iTunes for free: 
Episodes are also available at 
Stay up to date through the Cities Alive Facebook page: 
And through twitter

Message from the President

June 30, 2015 

The national conference in Saskatoon will be remembered as the conference where members of the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) became re-engaged and ready to renew our national organization.  CIP is continuing to operate, the MCIP designation continues to exist, and all MCIPs have some significant decisions to make in the future. 
Before the AGM, members received an announcement from the outgoing Council advising of their resolution to commence the winding down of CIP. This announcement arose from concerns by CIP Council regarding: (a) ongoing challenges associated with restructuring CIP's governance elements, and (b) CIP's organizational and financial uncertainty which arose because of an inability to agree on a sustainable funding model to support CIP's operations.
At the CIP AGM in Saskatoon, the assembled membership engaged CIP Council in a thorough, extensive and frank dialogue on these challenging matters.
The following Motion was passed at the AGM on June 29, 2015:
That the membership inform Council that they reject the outgoing Council's position in their last-minute communiqué, and direct Council to work with the members and affiliates to reinvigorate CIP as a national organization.
A further, positive outcome of the AGM is that a Task Force, co-chaired by CIP members Jennifer Keesmaat MCIP RPP and Kelley Moore MCIP RPP, has been created to advise Council about how to renew our national organization. CIP Council and the newly struck Task Force will undertake further communication, meaningful engagement and extensive discussion with CIP's membership throughout this process.

I wish to emphasize that no substantial change to CIP can be undertaken without a vote by CIP's national membership.
In closing, please note that CIP continues to operate and the MCIP designation remains in effect. I wish to thank the previous Council for its hard work over the course of a very challenging year.  I look forward to working with the new Council as we work to renew the Institute.


Hazel Christy MCIP, RPP