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Climate Change

The global climate is changing, leading to increased hazards, extreme weather conditions, and transformations to the physical environment in Canada and beyond. Preparing for the unavoidable impacts of climate change requires a drastic shift in the way we build our communities, and requires immediate and committed action at every level of government, society, and across all sectors.

Planners are in a unique position to bring together officials, citizens, and allied professions in an integrated and collaborative approach, and in a program of careful, equity-oriented planning.


CIP 2019 National Climate Change Survey Results

In order to determine what the needs of planners are with respect to climate change in 2019, CIP undertook a survey of planners in partnership with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), under the Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) program. Read the final report and findings by visiting our resource library by clicking on the adjacent image:


Policy for Climate Change Planning 

The newly launched Climate Change Policy defines the role that planning has in meeting the complex challenges of climate change, and calls planners to action to create communities that are resilient and contribute to climate stability.

Read CIP’s full policy on addressing increasingly complex Climate Change issues (context, goals, objectives, and the roles of planners and CIP) by clicking on the adjacent image: 

About this Policy

The policy was led by the CIP Climate Change Committee and developed through a thoughtful and extensive consultation with professional planners, climate change researchers, advocates, and other partner organizations using interviews, surveys, and focus groups. 


Climate Atlas of Canada

Coinciding with CIP's launch of its policy on climate change, the Prairie Climate Centre has launched its Climate Atlas of Canada, a comprehensive  tool that provides valuable spatial data in a straightforward, easily accessible way - as it provides practioners with evidence to assess the causes and consequences of climate change. 


Climate Change Annotated Bibliography

CIP's Climate Change Committee (CCC) is proud to launch a series of annotated bibliographies. This initiative explores the dynamic and challenging issues that affect the ability of the planning profession to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, while adapting to the impacts of climate change. The committee encourages all members to read and share the bibliographies. 

Annotated Bibligraphy Series-Executive summary of all issues

Issues 01 - The Super Wicked Problem of Climate Change
Issues 02 - Legislation in a Changing Climate
Issues 03 - Managing the Complexity of Climate Change through Planning
Issues 04 - Incremental Implementation Strategies for Taking Action on Climate Change
Issues 05 - Pathways to Action - Mitigation
Issues 06 - Pathways to Action - Adaptation

For further information about CIP's work on climate change, visit our Resource Library: