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Pamela Shaw PhD, MCIP, RPP, FRCGS

Pamela Shaw PhD, MCIP, RPP, FRCGS




Pam is excited about the opportunities presented by the new CIP and look forward to contributing to positive change in the organization. She is Director of the new Master of Community Planning Program at Vancouver Island University (currently pre-accredited) and am delighted to be part of bringing new practitioners into the profession. Pam has 30+ years experience in public and private planning practice in BC and Alberta with a focus on community planning and facilitation, and as a volunteer She served two terms on PIBC Council, chaired the Education Sub-Committee, currently serves the co-facilitator for the
membership exam and is a member of the CIP National Initiatives Advisory Committee. Pam is committed to melding together planning education and professional practice to the benefit of both parts of our profession. Outside interests include my family, assorted dogs and cats, and prepping for the Cowichan Great Lake Walk.

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