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Kelley Moore MCIP, RPP

Kelley Moore MCIP, RPP




As a community planner I am passionate about my profession and preparing communities for the future. Over my 18 year career I have had the opportunity to serve in a number of progressive roles and oversee a number of projects. My experience ranges from town, city, regional planning to housing policy, federal/provincial/territorial program funding negotiations to
integrated service planning. As a Director with the Government of Saskatchewan responsible for the oversight of programs, services and funding for nearly 100 non-profits, I was appointed lead of a Governance Task Team to define best practices in non-profit governance. This work was an excellent springboard to my role as Co-Chair of the CIP FutureFORWARD Task Force (FFTF). Provincially and nationally awarded for engagement practices and service excellence, I will bring collaborative and confident leadership to working with the CIP membership to position our profession for the next 100 years.

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