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Karen Bolton MCIP, RPP

Karen Bolton MCIP, RPP




Karen’s academic background and 30 years of work experience, mainly in the public sector but also as a private consultant, has provided her with significant expertise in issue analysis, policy development, stakeholder engagement, collaborative problem solving, strategic initiatives, legislation, budgeting, and program development and implementation. As a member of the CIP board, she is very excited about realizing the goals set in the strategic plan and is confident that she can contribute effectively to this process.  
As a national entity, Karen believes that CIP has an opportunity and a responsibility to contribute to the national and international community of practice dedicated to maintaining planning as an essential and relevant profession. Karen is committed to acting in the interests of the organization with integrity in the context of the Institute’s membership and fiduciary responsibilities. She believes that CIP has an opportunity to establish a robust national profile for the profession, a focused outreach and advocacy program, and to provide accessible, relevant professional development tools. 
The time is right to carve a new path forward in the context of identified needs and fiscal realities. The process of renewal requires purposeful governance and membership engagement to create a strategic vision, and a focused outcome-based operational plan. Karen is confident that she can make a meaningful contribution to the Board, bringing experience in strategic processes, legislative renewal, governance, consultation, financial management, communications, and leadership.

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